Friday, April 25, 2008


By Ivan G. Goldman
It's commendable that thoughtful N.Y. Times columnist Paul Krugman actually tries to examine issues and positions as opposed to personalities as he studies the presidential sweepstakes. This analysis has clearly brought him over to Hillary. But Krugman and others like him should pay more attention to the dynasty issue. The Bushes have appointed five Supreme Court justices, the Clintons two. Do we really want two families to have appointed the entire court? That's just one example of why this whole idea of two families swapping the presidency back and forth is dangerous.

Many of the people supporting Hillary will flat-out tell you they support the Clinton family & seek its restoration. Sometimes I get the feeling we're living in 19th century Austria defending the Hapsburgs against the Bonapartes.

Plus, Bill/Hillary are a terribly untruthful duo of dubious moral fiber. They tell lies & half-lies on a regular basis. Recently Hillary lied repeatedly about being shot at in Bosnia and fessed up only after videotape was produced to prove the falseness of her version. Lately she claims she has more votes than Obama. Half-true. That's only when you factor in Florida and Michigan, where all Democratic candidates pledged not to campaign. Obama, believing Hillary was telling the truth, actually took his name off the ballot in Michigan. Now she's claiming those Mich. votes should be counted. And Bill backs up these lies and half-lies with new ones.

These two are an odd couple and not a particularly attractive one in terms of character. The impeachment drive was a farce, of course, but beneath it lay the reality that Pres. Bill was getting blowjobs from a 21-year-old intern. I used to be a professor sending out interns to the workplace so I find that particularly disturbing. Couldn't he have found a more suitable mistress? Of course. But he didn't have the character.

Inviting Bill & Hillary back into the White House with their lies and corruption and contradictory positions (on Iraq, for example, we're all supposed to erase from our memory the 2002-06 Hillary who thought invading Iraq was a grand idea) is a stupid move. James Carville is just one member of the same sleazy cast that would trail them inside the corridors of power like hungry rats.

Obama is an intelligent, thoughtful, personable man of character. And I don't think he's plotting to set up the Obama family as our ruling monarchy. Let's give him a shot. An Obama-Edwards ticket would roll over McCain, and supporting the Clintons on the basis of their announced positions is ridiculous because what they say about anything is barely linked to the truth.

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