Tuesday, April 18, 2006


By Ivan Goldman
Rumsfeld's adherence to The Big Lie Tactic is, if nothing else, relentless. Here it is April of '06, and while recently necking with Rush on the Limbaugh show he was still trying to tie Saddam to the Nine-Eleven attacks. How many times does that bullshit have to be discredited? It's like asking how many times do you have to give more Lebensraum to the Third Reich before it lets you alone? The numerical answer is the same -- infinity. I'd quote from the interview, but I can't bear to look at his words anymore. Trust me. I guarantee it's a safer bet than trusting Rumsfeld.

In that same interview we learned from raging Rummy that anyone who wants him out of there is doing Bin Laden's work. You know what? Even if he'd been a success, even if his cockamamie ideas proved true and we'd found all kinds of nukes and nerve gas in the palaces and a letter from Bin Laden thanking Saddam for all the help with the you know what, and even if we'd created a shining light of a democracy in Iraq with no muss or fuss and paid for it with Iraq's own oil, and then Rummy were to make that remark linking dissent to treason -- the man would have to go. But not only is this twisted geek not a success, the guy couldn't put together a cold salad without burning down the entire neighborhood -- and then denying anything went wrong.

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