Friday, November 03, 2006


By Ivan G. Goldman
It seems more and more powerful politicians are sons and daughters of polticians or sometimes their spouses -- Bush, Bayh, Clinton, Gore, Chafee, Dodd, Dole, Kennedy, Murkowski, Rockefeller. The list goes on. I just named our President and nine percent of the Senate. There are also governors, House members, and others, such as Jerry Brown, who’s been California governor and who, as I speak, is sneaking up on the state Attorney General’s office. You’ll also notice this is a bipartisan list.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn’t this country fight a revolution to prevent people with inherited titles from running the government? But evidently people are more comfortable with the old system, and so they invite it back one politician at a time. Many individuals don’t really want to be free. That’s why they become Scientologists Moonies, fascists, Communists, Islamists, etc. Freedom can be a scary thing, especially to truly demented sonsofbitches and the uneducated, two types we have in abundance around here.

The Founding Fathers understood this inclination, but fought it. Washington, for instance, refused to be king. And to this day, as I understand the law, Americans aren't allowed to accept inherited titles, though no one does anything about it when they do. Remember Princess Radziwill?

The purposes and good intentions of the Republic’s founders have been mangled so thoroughly that I doubt they’d even recognize the sleazy structure we’ve stuck over their building blocks, with politicians openly soliciting money from their corporate paymasters and letting them actually sit down and write the midnight legislation.

We might at least stop being hypocrites and call things what they are – not only change the law but take it one step further and start awarding these titles right here in America. If Bush, Bayh, etc. were princes, barons, counts, dukes, stuff like that -- our voters would know they’ve inherited their offices and that no competing candidates should even be considered. And When Exxon-Mobil or Merck want something done, they can skip the charade and just purchase a royal decree. It would simplify things.

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