Sunday, December 17, 2006


DIGGING DEEPER , By Ivan G. Goldman

Let's look at just two suggestions from the Iraq Commission:

1. MORE EMPHASIS ON TRAINING IRAQI SECURITY FORCES: How much thinking did they do on that one? We’ve been training these people four years, and the trainers are good at it. But because many of their "students" are the very death squads and goonies firing on our troops and murdering Iraqi civilians, that doesn’t look like a terribly productive suggestion.

2. THE CLAUSE THAT SAYS FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS “IF CONDITIONS ALLOW.” Even Bush is smart enough to find the holes in that one. It’s clear this commission report was so aimed at consensus that nothing of value survived. The final product was a pile of trash waiting out on the curb.

But weak as it is, the report still disturbs Prince George because it deviates from his fantasy that we will push on to “victory.” The Bush-o-Ramus fails to understand the difference between a slogan and a policy, and he's repelled by anyone who can. A weakling and a bully, he’s surrounded himself with schlemiels who agree with everything he says, and the panel didn't quite play the game he's used to. Yet panel members wouldn't even use the term "civil war" for fear of riling You Know Who and his faithful companion Shotgun Cheney.

To the nation at large the prince is play-acting, as always, these days playing the part of cartoon character Lucy, who promises Charlie Brown that this time she’ll let him kick the football.

Meanwhile every day that goes by he whacks off another piece of the Iraq Panel’s already-watered-down suggestions, calling them unacceptable. At the same time, more G.I.s die in the prince's misguided effort to salvage his reputation. But oh sure, he’s willing to listen. Sure he is. Here’s some of what he’s already said prior to that big speech scheduled sometime in the never-never of January:

"I've heard some ideas that would lead to defeat, and I reject those ideas -- ideas such as leaving before the job is done. We're not going to give up. The stakes are too high and the consequences too grave to turn Iraq over to extremists."

By the time he gets around to responding to those recommendations that he hasn’t already rejected, there won’t be any left. Face it. There are no new ideas on Iraq. When you're presented with a corpse on the pavement, it's too late for remedies. Call a wagon. The longer we stay, the more damage we do to ourselves and the Iraqis. How can we possibly say we’re there fighting for democracy when most Iraqis want us out anyway?

Our troops over there are spread so thin they can’t patrol the roads on foot. That means troops and civilian mercenaries transporting people and supplies up and down those roads are nothing more than targets. (By the way, a majority of Iraqis say it's okay to fire on U.S. troops) After four years we’re still unable to control the road between Baghdad Airport and Fort Apache (known as the Green Zone)

The only way to stop our participation in this pointless war is to yank Bush and Cheney out of office, which means, yes, impeachment for a host of crimes, some of which Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman has already documented but been unable to do anything about because of the dead-ass Republicans that were running his investigative committee. More about the crimes another time. I don’t know about you, but I need rest intervals after thinking about Bush for too long. He makes my head hurt.

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