Monday, February 12, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman
Did you see Babel? – an expensive, morbid malformity whose scenes veritably drip with mucus, urine, and other noxious fluids while it canvases the world to prove everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and that all this bleakness ties together in one humorless, hideous ball of twine we call Earth. It’s a load of crap designed not to entertain viewers but to impress Academy voters into assuming that anything so serious and lengthy just has to be smart.

Unfortunately the general elections of November ’08 could turn out the way Babel’s cynical, manic-depressive minstrels see everything:

Obama and Edwards split the progressive voters who want out of Iraq now, so Hillary, awash in campaign funds she uses to cripple her Democratic enemies with attack adds, wins the nomination, and of course loses the election to a shrewder batch of political assailants on the right. A repeat of 2000, with Gore and Nader destroying each other, thereby making it close enough for Bush-Cheney to steal.

We’d then get yet another President who’s a deluded nut case either belonging to the home-schooling fringe that’s itching to bring on the End of Days or somebody who peddles his ass to it daily while he hands over what’s left of the treasury to his corporate handlers.

Hard to say who the next Republican tyrant might be, but count on someone who’s not McCain or Giuliani. Chris Hedges, author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America, ably points out Bush has alienated so many voters that the far-right evangelical fruitcakes looking to kill off the last of our democracy rule Republican primaries. They despise McCain for past slights no matter how passionately he debases himself before them. Giuliani will be seen as a gay-loving abortionist with a New York accent.

Some sly, conspiratorial jerk we’re not paying attention to will nab the nomination while the rest of us watch this administration roll around in a fake panic attack over Iran. The Republican nominee will then pose as a compassionate conservative before the general election. Only after he’s safely sworn in will we learn he’s out of his mind. This scenario is not a sure thing, but it’s credible and quite possible, something we can’t label life imitating art. But we could safely call it life imitating Babel.


Anonymous said...

yes, I agree
Hilary a woman against Osama I mean--- Obama is he black!?!
No hope there---The real reason Americans will, probably never, vote a Woman, president--is because all the men have, penis fear0000That even though there's a Congress and a House, they are afraid..(perhaps, subconsciesouly, anyway..) that if a woman gets to be President, she would mame some, "Lorana Bobbit," type of law!

And the republicans will probably throw, maybe even, Jebb bush, at us

I call it the, "banana Bush Republic," with, "Jorjeshrub, at the helm.....

Ivan G. Goldman said...

I feel a little better after reading your comment because given a choice I prefer women envy my penis rather than laugh at it.

It's also true that if Hillary loses, that would endanger our string of Bushes and Clintons going back to '88. But as you point out, there's still time for us to keep it going with Jeb.