Saturday, March 24, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman

This vile gang of inept psychos that stole our government out from under us is actually surprised when countries like Egypt object to their arrogant instructions on how to achieve a more perfect society.

Here’s a coven of creepoids that steals the presidency and instantly dumbs down the government by 40 IQ points, leaving us wide open for a terrorist strike. Then they wage the wrong war against the wrong people so they can achieve their personal, financial, and pathological objectives. They establish a gulag of secret prisons whose operatives torture even unto death, smack down habeas corpus, read our mail without court approval, refuse to abide by the Geneva Convention, and drop uranium-depleted shells on civilians while ordering a second helping of apple-cranberry tarts. And after our troops using third-rate gear get their limbs blown off, they're screwed again by an administration that denies them their rightful benefits.
Meanwhile, Condoleeza Rice, fresh off the bestiality circuit, parachutes into Cairo, and get this -- she gets in a snit over proposed changes to the Egyptian constitution because they don’t meet her standards of democracy. Well, there are subjects on which Rice’s suggestions are worth listening to -- for example, if you’d like to alienate the whole world, poach the Earth over a slow flame, or learn how best to fasten electrodes to someone’s genitals. These are all subjects on which she has more than casual knowledge. But when you’re tinkering with a Constitution, you don’t want her in the same time zone.
Our country has lost the right to make suggestions on civil rights, democracy, or standards of decency. Yet demented dolts like Rice scamper around the Earth like roaches with a license to kill, telling everyone else how to live. Banana republics run better elections than we do. Even when no one’s stealing them, they’re not fair. San Jose, one of California's smaller cities, has approximately twice as many residents as all of Wyoming. Yet each state gets the same number of senators? Gimme a break. Then we pollute this shaky structure of ours further by allowing a shadowy elite to choose leaders according to how much money they can raise for their campaigns. And after they take office, these morality-challenged creatures spend the rest of their terms paying back their contributors with policies that smell like rotting flesh. A country that kills the inheritance tax on billionaires while it fails to establish a civilized health care system and cuts aid to college students is crumbling. Even Egypt can see that.


Jamie said...

I would add a few words, but I think you used them all except for the four letter variety that wells up whenever I think about the current criminal administration.

Good article

savannah said...

how many more days of this lunacy? 667? i hope we can survive it all...peace, ivan!