Sunday, April 08, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman
John McCain never gets the credit he deserves. The man is a creative thinker whose smallest ideas sometimes contain blockbuster solutions to problems that grow apace while our 21st century Nero fiddles at the Texas White House.
What McCain inadvertently discovered last week was a sure-fire solution to Iraq’s security issues. He demonstrated that if we provide each of its 25 million citizens with 100 U.S. troops on the ground, Apache choppers overhead and military vehicles bristling with automatic weapons to block off streets feeding into their destinations, all Iraqi citizens, providing they wear flak jackets and don't let others know their destinations, should be secure enough to conduct their everyday business with reasonable assurance they won’t be kidnapped or blown to bits. That’s a darn hot discovery and it was pretty much ignored by news media, including all those blogger Bolsheviks who lay claim to some special handle on the truth.
What it means is we can indeed meet the stated goals of the present mission in Iraq of providing a stable foundation so democracy there may flourish like it does here, where a voter in Idaho has approximately five thousand two hundred percent more clout in electing a U.S. senator than a voter in California and where all the stories lately are about how much money a candidate can raise for the 30-second attack ads that will win the electiion.
But I digress. McCain showed us that if we merely allocate proper resources to this surge we should be able to accomplish Bush’s stated goal of staying over there as long as the Iraqis want us. (even though most of them say it's okay to kill U.S. soldiers -- and those polled include Kurds, just about the only people over there who can stand us and who had already broken free of Saddam before we invaded)
Yes, Bush really said that. But it's McCain who demonstrates with such unique vision and clarity just where we're headed. And in 2008 when we ask our new President what he/she is going to do now, the new boss can exclaim with glee, "I'm going to McCainLand!"

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