Sunday, May 20, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman

THE FORCE OF the administration’s misinformation on Iraq is so strong that even some of our most dovish members of Congress fear the consequences of pulling out, so they seek watered-down legislation that would possibly get us out of there in a couple years, possibly not.
Of course the consequences of staying in Iraq are far worse than remaining, but their minds have been corroded by the never-ending onslaught of Bush-speak. The administration contends that each and every piece of overwhelming evidence showing that its Iraq policy is a disaster is a sign of the exact opposite. Answering its deluded logic is like trying to debate with some drooling maniac raving on a subway platform. It can wear you down. And it’s pointless.
Now we have a host of intelligence officials telling The Los Angeles Times that the war has become an important and burgeoning source of revenue for al Qaeda, which sends money it makes out of the Iraqi chaos to buttress its campaigns in places like the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Al Qaeda and its Taliban ally have become so powerful that Pakistan bowed to reality and removed thousands of troops along its Afghan border, making our troops’ campaign in Afghanistan an uphill battle. The war of choice in Iraq that was supposed to make us safe made us less safe. These intelligence officials aren’t telling the administration one thing and The Los Angeles Times another. They’re giving the same story to Bush, but he lies to the American people about what he’s being told. That’s not just horrendous. It’s an ongoing, impeachable crime.
Also, the prestigious Chatham House research center in London, perhaps Britain’s most respected think tank, now states flatly that thanks to Bush’s cockamamie invasion, the most powerful force in disintegrated Iraqi society is not America, which monthly pours 90 to 100 lives of its troops and $8 billion into the pot, but Iran, which has profited mightily and in numerous ways.
The Constitution foresaw the possibility of a Bush and a Cheney in office, and it mapped out impeachment as the remedy. In the meantime, no more funds to participate in Iraq's civil war, no more debates with babbling, drooling, lying lunatics.

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