Thursday, October 09, 2008


By Ivan G. Goldman
As the world economy collapses around us it’s hard to take our eyes off the spectacle of the increasingly unstable, 72-year-old cancer survivor John McCain, who won’t release his medical records, barnstorming around the country with the message that Barack Obama is dangerous and untested and that only McCain and Palin can save the world, conquering greed, creating jobs, paying off everyone’s mortgages, and defeating whatever else ails us too.

When they stop in one place they stand outside their respective covered wagons loaded with tonic bottles and pledge to do it all because they know how.

But their bottles are empty.

Meanwhile, Palin has that frightening combination of stupidity, ignorance, and unbridled confidence that we’ve seen work so well for Bush Junior. She couldn’t name one publication she reads? Here’s another question for you, Sarah. Got any books in your home? Name them.

Back to McCain. At least he still has the presence of mind to know he’s lying, which may be why he looks so damned angry all the time. When he does smile it’s in the form of a Charles Manson grimace, except beady black dots take the place of Manson’s big zombie orbs. McCain’s lips spread horizontally as a smile should, but the eyes are pure batshit. In yet another spurt of self-righteous anger, he wouldn't even shake Obama's hand after the second debate. Maybe on some level he's convinced himself that the accusations he and his Rasputins have invented must be kind of true in a generic sense even if the facts have been twisted into a tangle of coat hangers.

But what's really scary are those supporters of his.

Stay safe, Barack.


Christina said...

you took the words right out of my mouth.

savannah said...

sugar, i voted early so i could honestly mute the sound whenever i saw senator mccain and/or gov. palin.

But what's really scary are those supporters of his.

Stay safe, Barack.

my thoughts exactly! xoxo