Monday, August 21, 2006


By Ivan Goldman

Dear Mr. President:

At what point will you recognize that your disastrous pre-emptive war in Iraq has strengthened Iran and al-Qaeda and considerably weakned us? At what point will you concede that the corrupt Baghdad government we defend with the blood of our troops is riddled with death squads, murderous militias, and high-up Iraqi officials allied with the Tehran regime who either direct these killers or are closely allied with them? You must be aware that these militias have tortured and killed both Iraqi civilians and U.S. troops. When you instruct us to pursue victory, do you mean victory in behalf of these enemies you like to pretend are allies?

Why are we still pouring out billions to companies like Haliburton for construction projects that never happen? Why don't you order your war-profiteering vice-president to divest himself of this company, which has more contracts in Iraq than any other corporation and which has been caught repeatedly cheating our government? Why do you take no punitive measures against the perpetrators of this documented ongoing swindle?

Now that you have wrecked the Army Reserve and National Guard by repeated deployments in this open-ended Iraq conflict, which is contrary to their organizatonal purpose, what is your plan to repair the damage? What makes you believe if we continue pouring lives and treasure down this rathole the situation will improve?

Why do you keep saying we had to invade Iraq because Saddam wouldn't let in U.N. inspectors when in fact the opposite is true and the U.N. inspectors had to leave because of your looney invasion?

At what point will you recognize your insistence that we remain in Iraq until the job is done is a slogan that has no relationship with the situation on the ground or any cohesive or rational policy? Explain whether you at least understand these facts or are you too simple-minded to see them? Or is it a little of both?

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