Friday, August 04, 2006


By Ivan Goldman
If the totalitarian Islamists who rule Iran, much of Afghanistan, and key government environs in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and elsewhere had been able to place an agent in the White House back in 2002, he might have kicked the U.N. inspectors out of Iraq and then invaded it. This would have empowered Iran, giving it cover to complete its killer nukes agenda while our troops were busy fighting in behalf of Iran and Al Qaeda. It also would have enabled Osama Bin Laden to establish a dream base smack dab in the middle of the Arab world instead of on its Afghan fringes.

Eventually Iran and Syria might even have unleashed Hezbollah to attack Israeli citizens with its vast stores of rockets. When Israel fought back, this would have won terrorists support around the world as they lobbed those rockets into Israeli civilians. Everyone knows people are always dismayed when Jews refuse to be massacred. And Lebanon would have been in shambles again. Islamic totalitarians just love shambles. Everyone would have been even less aware of the Iranian nukes being assembled because the mass media can concentrate on only one story at a time.

But it's not likely an enemy agent in the White House would have been bold enough to implement the crazy strategy I postulated here because such overt moves would have exposed him. By this time he'd have been ridden out of office and possibly hanged.

Do I think Prince George is actually a conscious Islamic totalitarian agent? Of course not. He's just a nasty, spoiled fool who ran away in Air Force One when America was under attack and then got away with winning re-election because his handlers' marketing campaign convinced voters they needed his cowardly self, not his battle-hardened Democratic opponent, to keep them safe. They also stole Ohio and New Mexico just for insurance.

Anyway, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz were right about one thing. The Iraqis did gather in the streets to greet our troops. But not with flowers.

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