Thursday, January 18, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman

What’s with all these broadcast reporters who keep asking Condoleeza Rice whether she’s going to run for President in ’08? Every time she’s on the tube – which is way too often – she gets the same question and then rolls her eyes fetchingly while she implies, hey, she’d make one dandy commander-in-chief, but it’s just not in her plans.

Haven’t any of them noticed she’s a co-conspirator in the worst foreign policy scam-disaster inflicted on this country since its inception? In what way does this qualify her for a bump up?

A question more pertinent to the record she's compiled might go something like, "Know any good criminal lawyers?" Or perhaps, "What are the chances of an insanity defense?"
These broadcast bumpkins might at least scan a newspaper once in a while. Maybe while they’re in makeup. In the meantime, all the cute questions and coy answers plant the canard in viewers’ minds that hey, she must be a deserving, viable candidate. But then who was the moronic scumbag who ratcheted up the menace in her perennially scowling face (Condi's expressions are so clearly psychotic she makes even Dick Cheney look lovable by comparison) and warned us about Saddam sending over a mushroom cloud? That was just before she helped launch the pointless war that she and her pals still perpetuate from the Bush-bunker. But they’ve been so exposed you could say they’re all running around down there without clothes. Ugly thought, isn't it?

Once congressional investigators start looking into Condoleeza’s lying eyes, the smart thing for her to do would be to get herself a Greta Garbo hat and sunglasses and hop a plane to Argentina. Or perhaps find a berth on a boat steaming upriver to Colonel Kurtz’s headquarters. That would be true if half the Democrats in Congress weren’t running for President and trying to look moderate and presidential. But the way things work she’s going to finish the game on her feet and pick up a $10 million advance so she and her ghost writer of choice can put together a lying book that absolves her of everything.

Oh the horror, the horror.


Anonymous said...

Great points as always! Weren't you writing a book about IBD at one point? Did it ever come out? i worked there a long time ago and was really looking forward to getting it and then never heard of it being released.
Thanks and keep it up!

Ivan G. Goldman said...

Dear former Investor's Business Daily refugee,
Yes, thanks for the kind words, and thanks for asking about the book. I quit IBD in 2003 armed with a book contract from Carroll & Graf, an imprint of Avalon. Approximately one year after that, just as I was finishing the manuscript, Avalon, threatened by libel suits from IBD owner Bill O'Neil and another editor there, dropped the project, citing its fear of court costs.

In this country, as we all know, anyone can be held hostage to a litigious rich person who doesn't mind losing the case as long as he can make you pay lots to defend yourself. It was an ugly way to learn the lesson. Should my situation on this issue change, you shall see it on this blog. The manuscript is called CRAZY MONEY: MY TRIP THROUGH THE GALAXY WITH INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY.