Thursday, January 04, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman

You have to marvel at those Iraqis investigating who took the video of Saddam’s last dangle. I mean, with bodies turning up every day in Iraqi streets, many of them with drill holes in the skulls, this huge concern over a case of reality-cell-phoning sure looks like a misguided priority.

The hanging was a nostalgic one for Prince George, who hadn’t executed anyone since he governed Texas, where he did a fine job of killing the retarded, the mentally ill, and people sentenced to death while their senile, court-appointed attorneys snored in the corner. (Along with the photo of Saddam on the gallows is one of Oliver David Cruz, whose IQ of 63 put him right in Governor Bush’s range. But the gentle prince, feeling no kinship or love, had him lethally injected anyway.)

The hanging was in keeping with what barbarian conquerors do – they smash their way into a country, steal what they can, split the proceeds with their puppets, and execute the former ruler. It’s precisely this kind of ghastly Genghis Khan behavior that whittled our coalition of the willing down to Bush & Blair – or maybe Micronesia and a few others such micro-powers that continue blessing the project from afar.

Prince George and Shotgun Cheney have no conception of excess. They charge through the brush shooting anything that moves as long as their own personal safety is a lock. When Vietnam came up, the Prince’s Daddy made a phone call, and Do-Do-Boy with the much sought-after history major received a direct commission and was trained for antiquated planes that would never get near a war theater. Shotgun Cheney married, went to grad school, and produced offspring, filing for new deferments at every step, always keeping abreast of whatever stratagems would allow him to continue slipping through the changing regulations.

Now they strut among our troops like they’ve got The Right Stuff, and damn if they don’t carry it off. That’s because they’re so screwed up they actually believe their own malarkey. Method acting comes naturally to pronounced pathological liars.

The dynamic duo are shoving aside more generals tired of saying yes to their bullshit and will soon pour more troops into the grinder, ordering even bigger batches of them to drive up and down Iraqi roads they can’t possibly secure. The Blunderer-in-Chief’s speech writers are preparing the rationalizations right now for whatever regurgitated crap he will spew out in his much-anticipated speech to the nation. He and his Veep are liars, killers, and thieves who seized power in a 2000 coup, and they’ll keep on doing what they’re doing until America gets the backbone to remove them. In the meantime, any member of Congress who funds their pointless war is an accessory.

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