Tuesday, May 15, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman

Ever notice whenever U.S. troops get ambushed there’s no shortage of Iraqi men to jump up and down and celebrate in the burned out wreckage?
This morning’s paper had another one of those photos only in this instance it was a troop carrier that had been used by Danish troops, one of whom was killed.
If we’re in this war to help the Iraqi people, how come none of the fine citizens over there that Bush cares so much about ever seem to oppose the ding-a-lings playing in the wreckage left by our dead and disabled? Now with a majority of the Iraqi Parliament asking us to get out, you’d think the people running our Bush-topia would be running out of excuses for continuing this idiocy. Never happen. They’ve got more excuses than the Chicago Cubs.
A friend from London asked me recently just what the Bushies were doing this all for. "Why?" he asked. If there’s any humor in this war, that’s it, that after more than four years of war we’re still trying to find out why they’re doing this to us. It looks more and more like there’s nothing terribly convoluted about their reasoning. Who’s profiting by it? Exxon-Mobil, Saudi Arabia, Halliburton, Blackwater, Cheney. Bush’s oil buddies in Texas and the Mideast.
Pelosi is nuts to look for a compromise on war funding. What kind of logic is there in telling Prince George and Chicken Hawk Cheney that you’ll let them kill just another several thousand people and then you’re through? Don’t let them kill anybody. Not one more dime, not one more life. Not one.
But we needn’t make them grumpy. Heck, why not congratulate our great leaders for a mission accomplished? As of now there are no ties between Saddam and al-Qaeda and Iraq is as free of WMDs as the Republican presidential candidates are of brain cells. So stick a fork in this occupation. It’s done. Time to call in the poets, because some of them had it all figured years before it started – oracle Leonard Cohen, for instance in his song Anthem:

. . . the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud.
But they've summoned, they've summoned up
a thundercloud
and they're going to hear from me.

Cohen’s a Canadian, but he lives mostly in the U.S. We could make it work. Make him President as part of Bush's guest-worker program.

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