Monday, May 14, 2007


By Ivan G. Goldman
I opened the newspaper this morning hoping for good news on those three U.S. soldiers captured in Iraq over the weekend. What I got on my front page was a photo of President Bush joking with some guy who was wearing a metal breastplate and packing an ancient musket.
Seems the sweet prince and his faithful wife Tonto were off in Jamestown enjoying the celebration of its settlement by the Brits.
There’s a curious disconnect between Bush and the consequences of his monstrous decisions. People are getting killed. They’re getting their limbs burned and blown off and they’re getting tortured and bombed out of their homes, they're losing their jobs, living inside communal nervous breakdowns. And none of it takes its toll on Bush.
He’s a psychopath who's filled his administration with others like him, because there's more where he came from. How do they all find each other?
Wolfowitz makes no apologies for his major role in destroying Iraq while shearing off America’s ties with civilized people around the world. Kicked upstairs to the World Bank, he immediately plunges into corrupt practices while claiming to wage an anti-corruption campaign, and now he can’t understand why people are upset with him.
Torture-mongering Gonzalez, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, lies to Congress about his sleazy personnel actions, then wonders why people won’t let him off the hook on the strength of his generalized denials and slogans.
George Tenet sits at the feet of Colin Powell while he delivers to the U.N. a fictional tale of Saddam ties to Bin Laden and tons of WMD. Tenet knows the intelligence is fabricated on the fly or unconfirmed and makes not a peep. Then he writes a book denying everything, blaming it all on everybody else, and takes $4 million for it. Incidentally, he doesn’t write the book. He hires a ghost writer to do that for him.
Chicken Hawk Cheney throws deals at his favorite corporation in no-bid contracts worth billions, refuses to discuss it, and then runs around calling everyone who disagrees with his disastrous war in Iraq cowards and/or traitors.
I can’t show you the photo of Bush and the guy in the armor costume because I’d have to pay for it. But it’s quite similar to the photo in which he’s joking around with some guy who presented him with a guitar the very day people were drowning and dying of dehydration on the Gulf Coast in the wake of Katrina.
We’ve been watching this scenario six years, and it’s clear there’s nothing that could get Bush and his psycho buddies to recognize their crimes and misdemeanors for what they are. Let their appeals lawyers try to explain it to them after we’ve got their clients in prison where they belong.

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